In the previous posts of this series we have seen how to install and run Umbraco using Visual Studio, how to setup uSync to provide a synchronization mechanism between source control, how to set up blog using Articulate blog engine and how to publish the blog website to azure. In this article we will set up Open Live Writer to write the posts remotely and later publish it to the blog.


  • Have covered the previous posts in this series

What is Open Live Writer

Open Live Writer is an open source blog editor that allows you to create, edit and publish the blog posts. It allows you to create blog posts offline and later publish them. Open Live Writer is an open source fork of Windows Live Writer. Open Live Writer supports MetaWeblog API format and hence can be used with Articulate.

Setup Open Live Writer to publish blog to Azure blog website

Download Open Live Writer from here. Run the app and it will be as shown in image below


In the above image, I have already added a blog account but, we will setup a new account as below. Select the Manage blog accounts option from the blog accounts drop down menu in the toolbar as shown in image below


This will open up the Manage blog accounts screen as shown in image below


Click on Add as shown in image above. It will show options of blog services that work with Open Live Writer. Select Other services and click Next as shown in image below


Add the blog details in the next screen as shown in image below and click Next


Note: Web address of your blog above is the root address of the blog.

Open Live Writer at this stage will try connection from your machine to the online blog based on above settings. If successful you will be taken to the next screen as shown below


Fill in your blog nickname and click Finish. You will now be able to see the your blog account details in the Accounts main window as shown in image below.


Click ok to Finish the Account setup. Now its time to publish our first post using Open Live Writer. Since I have been writing posts for series in Open Live Writer, I will publish the same post to the online Azure blog.

Go to the Open Live Writer, add the post content and ensure that the correct Account is selected in the Accounts drop down as shown in image below.


Now click Publish or Post draft to blog as shown in image below. We will directly publish the blog.


Before publishing lets verify that no post has been created in the back office.


We don’t have any post in the back office as shown in above image. Lets publish one from the Live Writer and then refresh the back office.


We can see the post from the back office. Since we have directly published the blog post from Open Live Writer, this should be already be available in the front end of the blog website. Lets verify it.



Great, now we have set up Open Live Writer to create the posts offline and later publish them. I have been writing all the blog posts for this series in Open Live Writer, its time to publish all of them. In the next post “How to integrate Disqus comments engine with Articulate” we will create Disqus account and then add capability for blog readers to add the comments.